AEC Mk.I Armoured Car

AEC Mk.I Armoured Car / Manufacturer: Miniart w/ Alpine figure

Scale: 1/35 – Markings: Uknown unit – Syria 1943 – Model by Clayton Ockerby

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A brief history

AEC_MkI_NA_WWII_001When the Associated Equipment Company, (AEC) showed off their new Armoured Car to British officials in 1941, it made such a favourable impression on Churchill that the production order was given in June of that year.

The vision for the AEC Armoured Car was that it would have the firepower and the protection of that of a traditional tank but would also offer the benefit of a manoeuvrable and fast moving vehicle.

Production times were streamlined due to the fact that the new AEC Mk1 Armoured Car was based on the chassis of the already in production Matador artillery tractor and would use various other components currently in production.

The Mk1 was armed with a 2-pounder gun that was perched within the turret of a Valentine MkIV tank. This was later found to lack the firepower to be competitive with the tanks of the time. Later models received a 6 pounder gun (MkII) and then a 75mm gun in the MkIII. The Mk1 also carried two machine guns and a ‘no.19’ radio set.

The Mk1 first saw action late 1942 in the North African Campaign with the 8th Army. They were also seen through Sicily and Italy. There were a total of 129 Mk1 vehicles produced (629 of all variants). It was also reported that a small number of vehicles were fitted with a turret from a Crusader tank that carried a 6-pounder gun.

The AEC had the capability of being used as a 4×2 while on roads and a 4×4 over rougher terrain. Another interesting fact was that the driver’s seat could be elevated whilst the hatch was open to give the driver a commanding view.

Some AEC’s were still in use by some countries up to the 1970’s.

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