CMP C60S Holmes Breakdown Wrecker / Mirror Models  1/35

 Model by Alexander Pedan

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A brief history

C60 Wrecker

The Canadian Military Pattern truck was a class of military truck made in large numbers in Canada during World War II to British Army specifications for use in the armies of the British Commonwealth allies. Standard designs were drawn up just before the beginning of the war. CMP trucks were also sent to the Soviet Union following the Nazi invasion of Russia, as part of Canada’s lend-lease program to the Allies. During the War CMP trucks saw service around the world in the North African Campaign, the Allied invasion of Sicily, the Italian Campaign, the Russian Front, the Burma Campaign, the Battle of the Philippines (1941-42), the liberation of Northwest Europe, and the Western Allied invasion of Germany. CMP trucks also saw service in post-war conflicts in Indonesia, French Indochina, and the Portuguese colonies in Africa. Most CMP trucks were manufactured by the Chevrolet division of General Motors of Canada Ltd and by the Ford Motor Company of Canada. Just over 400,000 CMP trucks were manufactured in Canada, accounting for roughly half of the 815,729 military vehicles made in Canada during World War II. Chevrolet-built CMP trucks had a 215 cu in (3.5 L), 85 bhp (63.4 kW) straight-6 overhead-valve engine. Cab design changed twice, first designed at Ford, second and third cab designs – called No. 11, 12 and 13. First two type were similar, the main difference being a two-part radiator grille in No.12 cab, its upper part was opened with a bonnet, which was known as the “Alligator cab”. The production of CMP truck bodies in Canada was subcontracted out to smaller companies in Ontario and Manitoba, organized into the wartime Steel Body Manufacturers Association by the Department of Munitions and Supply. The wide variety of truck body designs included general service, water tanker, fuel tanker, vehicle recovery, dental clinic, mobile laundry, wireless house, machinery, folding boat transport, and anti-tank gun portee. (Information from the Mirror Models Instruction Sheet)

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