AMX 13/75

AMK 13/75 / Manufacturer: TAKOM – 1/35

El Porteñazo (2 June 1962 – 6 June 1962) – short-lived military rebellion against the government of Rómulo Betancourt in Venezuela

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A brief history

12325095_1190671394294183_1930722660_nShortly after the end of the Second World War, the French felt there was a need for a lightweight, air portable tank that was both fast and offered a big punch. Conflict in Indochina and Algeria saw production fast tracked and in 1946, the AMX 13/75 was born.

In order to keep the size and the weight of this new tank down, the designers needed to adopt a new way of thinking. Rather than housing a big gun that traversed in a rotating turret, they came up with the idea of the oscillating turret. Essentially this meant that in order to maneuver the gun up and down, the whole turret would move rather than just the gun itself.

The other benefit of this design was the ability to pair it with an auto-loading system. This not only could increase the rate of fire of the vehicle, but also would make the Loaders role in the tank redundant, hence decreasing the number of men to operate the vehicle and decreasing the service weight.

The 75mm gun was actually a modified design from the weapon found in the German Panther. It was mounted high in order to provide good vision in a dug in position, whilst the low profile chassis meant the tank was rarely exposed. The compact design of the vehicle even had a bearing on the recruitment policy of the French army. The maximum height of a tanker in the AMX was only 1700mm tall.

The AMX would go on to receive upgrades and larger weaponry, as the 75mm would prove to lack a little punch on the battlefield.

The AMX was exported to 25 Nations around the World.

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