King Tiger (late)

KING TIGER (late) – Academy 1/35

Model by Byeong Soo Kim

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Weathering and Painting...

king-tiger-imageWhen I made a King Tiger, I thought…! I wanted to make unique thing! So.. I resolved!

When I painted a King Tiger, I used a Blu tack! It’s very useful!

First step! I painted a Dark Yellow by Modulation technique. When I painted shadow color, I mixed dark yellow with Brown and Olive drab. Olive drab is a great color because It makes a subdued shadow color.

Second step! Using blu tack, I masked the camouflage pattern of the King tiger. Again, I used a Modulation technique when I painted the Dark green.

Next, I used a Oil colors (502 Oil set) , I tried the ‘Mapping technique’. The ‘Mapping’ technique helped to look like the colors were faded. I the used oil colors to help bring highlighting into the reliefs. When I finished that, I used washing technique (Mig jimenez), to bring out some of the detail in the model.

I then used flat clear, over the entire model, helping to protect the work I had just done. I then used vallejo colors to carefully pint on the chipping effects. When I did the chipping, I used a brush and sponge technique. A sponge is very useful. when you do chipping, It can help you achieve a really authentic result.

When I finished process, I started weathering. First, I used enamel colors. I gave a rust effect on my model. When this process was complete, I gave the entire model an all over Matte varnish.

After the varnish was dry, I gave a dust effect by oil colors and Buff color. I even went to the extent of adding darker shadow areas to the dust I was applying in the hope that it would give the model more depth and visual interest. When I gave dust effect in my model, I used 3 colors. Highlight, Normal, Dark(shadow)

Third, I wanted to be hard weathering. So When I did the weathering, I used oil colors with pigments. I used Oil Effects by Mig Jimenez, to recreate a weather and dirtied oil effect on My King Tiger.

Like with any tank, the tracks are a very important part of the model. I wanted a rusty tract. I mixed red brown with flat earth. And I painted that on the track. I then used oil colors to produce various tones on the track. If you want to give dust effect on the track, too can use oil colors, or acrylic colors with pigment. It can give heavy feeling. If you want that to looks like a Metal, You can used gun metal pigment with pencil (2B).

In additional the the base Acadermy kit, I added, DEF Model PE Set, DEF Model Mantlet and Barrel set and Friul tracks.

Thank you for looking. I hope you like my model.

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