Colonial Viper MkII


Manufacturer: Moebius Models –  Scale: 1/32

Model by Clayton Ockerby


The memory is vague, but ever present. I recall my father talking me on the hour long trip into the city cinema to see the new Sci-Fi movie to hit the screen, Battlestar Galactica. As a 6 year old, I remember being mezmorised by the Star Wars phenomena only a year earlier, and was thirsty for anything that fired lasers and flew in space. Battlestar Galactica helped quench that thirst.

Set in the ‘seventh millennium of time’ in a far away star system, Battlestar Galactica tells the age old story of good verse evil. A 1000 year war rages between the Cylons and the human race. On the verge of extinction, the humans only surviving ship, the Battlestar know as Galactica, undertakes it’s most important quest, the search for the planet known as Earth.

Produced by Glen A. Larson in 1978, the show aired as a mini-series on American television, but was re-edited and released as a feature film in some countries around the World, Australia being one. It would go on to later be release in American cinemas in 1979.

The series introduced us to characters such as the swashbuckling Starbuck and the ever professional Apollo. Everyone had a favourite. Then there were the bad guys, the Cylons. That iconic oscillating red eye and shiny chrome armour were terrifying and exciting all at the same time. I was hooked.

I asked for the toys and I would religiously watch the TV series when it aired. I wanted to be Starbuck. And that was that.

The battle worn and weathered environments and machinery were never questioned as being anything other than pure fact! I was hooked.


And then there was the Colonial Viper….

The Viper was a single seat strike fighter, and was the human’s main defense against the enemy. It was even credited as being the main reason the human colonies hadn’t been completely wiped out by the Cylon attacks.

Powered by three engines, one of the most exciting part of the show was always the launch sequence. Launched from a long tube, the Viper was thrust into space off a catapult mechanism. Then, when in flight, the pilot would press the red button on the joystick giving them a massive boost of speed.  So exciting as a child.

Its’ armoury included, 2 forward-firing mass accelerator cannons mounted in the wing roots, one forward-firing missile launcher in the belly and 1 to 2 missiles as seen in one of the episodes to go to air.


Interestingly, the Battlestar Galactica series was so popular at the time, that it lead to USAF pilots nicknaming their F-16s’ as Vipers.

Just like the Star Wars universe, the Battlestar Galactica (BSG) universe was a weathered and battle worn place, which was one of the main things that attracted me to it.  It looked real and it looked used. Just how a war zone should look, so when the opportunity to build the Moebius, MkII Viper came up, I was more than thrilled. It gave me an opportunity to relive my childhood and help me introduce the franchise to my children.

So with that in mind, I give you the Colonial Viper.