CV3/33 Tankette Serie II – Early Production

CV3/33 Tankette Serie II –  Manufacturer: Bronco (CB-35125) with Wolf Miniatures figure – Scale: 1/35

Markings: Special Armoured Brigade of the XXIIIrd Corps, 5th Army Libya, 1940 – Model by Clayton Ockerby

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A brief history

CV3-33 Carro Veloce

In 1929, the Italian government purchased a small number British Carden Lloyd Tankettes and produced their own tankettes in modified form. The CV33 which entered production in 1933 (Hence the ’33’). Fiat of Turin and Ansalda of Genoa were chosen as the manufacturers, producing around 300 of the CV33 model. The Tankettes were usually referred to as a light tank in Italian service.

The CV33 was widely used and many were used by other friendly nations. It saw action with the Italian Army during the North Africa Campaign. The tankette was replaced by the CV35 in 1936, however most CV33’s were rebuilt to CV35 standard from 1938 and were designated the CV33 Series II

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