Husky MkIII – VMMD – Panda Models – 1/35

Model by Clayton Ockerby

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A brief history...

HUSKY USMC-090120-M-8478B-004Initially developed in the 70’s, by South African company, DCD-Dorbyl Rolling Stock Division, the HUSKY (or CHUBBY system as it was previously known, was developed as a mine clearing vehicle for the South African Defence Force primarily on it’s missions through Namibia and Angola.

The vehicle has high sensitivity low metal content detectors, ground penetrating radar and powerful air blowers. Later generations of the Husky would see it house a crew of two as well as the addition of a robotic arm.

The Husky is powered by a Mercedes Benz engine producing 150KM @ 2200rpm, with a top speed of 95km/h with an operational range of 750km, and interestingly was voted as one of the US Army’s top 10 innovative advances in Army technology.

Although the main operators of the vehicle are Canada and the USA, the system is also operational with South Africa, Australia, France, Spain, Turkey, Uganda and Britain.

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