Jiri Kure – MIG15 bis SB

Kit: MIG 15 bis SB – Manufacturer: Eduard 1/72

serving with 30th Fighter-bomber regiment of Czechoslovak Air force

Model by Jiri Kure


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About this model

Eduard kit, the “Czechoslovak Migs” dual combo. No need to say much about the kit, it is simply the best Mig-15 in this scale and probably will keep this “best” status for some years to come…
I used Eduard’s own Brassin, add-ons, namely the interior and the Mig-15bis speed brakes. The cockpit is another step above the already perfectly satisfactory “Profipack”arrangement; one should not forget to cram some cut led weights into every nook and cranny.
Mig-15 SB CZ 01The kit’s surface features delicate panel lines and some selected riveting – a bit odd half-way approach. I was briefly contemplated adding the missing rivets but sanity prevailed. I affixed some cabling to the wheel wells, landing gear indicators and Master-model gun barrels (real gems!) and pitot tube. The under wing unguided LR-130 rockets are specific for this Czechoslovak Fighter-bomber version of Mig-15 and are part of this dual combo boxing.

I used Mr. Hobby Super Metallic paint SM01- Super Fine Silver over polished black surfacer as a base and differentiated selected panels with the same shade mixed with SM03 Super Iron and SM05 Super Titanium. The result is as good as Allclad finish but far more hard-wearing. There’s no need to worry what masking tape would do to it. The decals are nice and thin. As this plane was still in service some 20+ years after being manufactured, the natural metal was quite oxidized – I gave the model a satin clear coat which unified the finish quite well. The usual washes and oil paint weathering were applied.

The marking is for a Mig-15bis SB as serving with 30th Fighter-bomber regiment of Czechoslovak Air force in closing days of its career.


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