Falke – Maschinen Krieger – Laurie Taite

Falke Anti-Gravity Ground Attack Unit
from Kow Yokoyama’s Maschinen Krieger

Manufacturer: Hasegawa – Scale: 1/20 / Markings: Unknown – Model by Laurie Taite

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A brief history...

falke mak

For those of us that have never seen or heard of the Maschinenkreuger universe let me be the first to say it is really unique
Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K ZBV3000) is a science fiction universe created by Japanese artist and sculptor Kow Yokoyama in the 1980s.
Since that time a large number of figures, battle bots(suits), land, air and
sea craft have been produced and a huge following created. One such craft that is produced by Hasegawa is the 1/20th scale Falke Anti-gravity Raider featured here.
The base kit was put together in a conventional manner, and painted in a
green & tan camo scheme reminiscent of WWII German fighters. The kit features a multi-barreled Gatling gun where I replaced the
plastic barrels with brass tube. Various antennae, sensors, and wiring were added to the outside and the interior cockpit. The engine was heavily modified with an assortment of wires, cables and hoses.
After the paint was on, I applied some mild chipping and worn away areas. T
his was the first time using one of the Grex airbrushes called the XA.
It’s a top load gravity style gun with a .3mm nozzle and is half
the length of a standard gun. Helps to get into tight areas and is a very
nicely made unit.
These kits are a real treat for those wishing to build something a little different. The wonderful thing about these kits, is that there are no
rules about how you want to build and decorate your build. Sure,
you may want to remain fairly close to the original intention of the old series, but being a Sci-Fi type of genre, the skies the limit as to how you want to portray the finished machine.
Check out the Mak sites and see what fun these kits can be.

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