Zent Cerumo SC2006 Infinity

Zent Cerumo SC2006 Infinity

JTCC( Japanese Touring Car Championship), Tamiya 1/24 scale – Model by Laurie Taite

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The car, Zent Cerumo SC2006 Infinity, is from the JTCC( Japanese Touring Car Championship), 1/24 scale, stock out of the box build.

Tamiya paint with 3 coats of clear and 2 coats of hand rubbed(waxed) Hasegawa polymer compound. All base coats were wet sanded

from 600 to 12000 grit. Clear coats were done with Valejo gloss clear acrylic. Kit decals were applied and gently sanded with 12000

grit to knock back edges before clear coat.