Pz.Kpfw II Ausf L Luchs

Pz.Kpfw II Ausf L  LUCHS – Manufacturer: Flyhawk w/ figure – Scale: 1/72
Build Date – 2016 – Model by Clayton Ockerby

A brief history...

Luchs Panzer IIDesigned by the MAN Corporation and produced by the MAN and Henschel factories, the ‘Luchs’ or Lynx was the last version of the Panzer II.

The obvious difference with the Ausf L, or LUCHS, when compared with earlier versions of the Panzer II, was the introduction of the interleaved wheels. The Panzer II had always suffered with mobility and range issues in its role of reconnaissance, so some of these shortcomings were addressed in this version of the tank.

The Ausf L also saw additional armour on the sides and the front (30mm) which elevated its’ weight to 11.8 T. It was fitted with a more powerful Maybach HL66P engine and with the ZF Aphon SSG48 Gearbox. The new engine and gearbox pairing saw the vehicle reach speeds of 60km/h on road and 42 km/h cross country.

The rearranged hull configuration also allowed for larger fuel tanks, extending the range of the vehicle to 290 km.

The vehicle now had a crew of 4, meaning the Commander could now focus on his own role. The Luchs also saw upgrades in the radio system giving it a greater range. The gun remained as the 20mm see in earlier vehicles, however it now carried 320 rounds, including many Armour Piercing rounds.

104 units were produced in total, the first of which saw action in September 1943. The Luchs fought up to the end of the war and saw action on both the Eastern and Western fronts.

The Luchs became known as the ‘Ultimate Scout Tank’.