Marder III

Marder III – Manufacturer: Tamiya – Scale: 1/48
Build Date – 2018 – Model by Clayton Ockerby

A brief history...


It’s widely known, that the introduction of the Russian T34 to the battlefield of WW2 came as quite a surprise to the advancing German forces, and it was clear that immediate action was required to address the threat. It was decided that the obsolete Czech built 38(t) would serve as an adequate platform to mount a weapon powerful enough to engage the T34 and would be readily available to rush the design into production. That design would be known as the Marder series of tank hunters.

The first version of the Marder saw captured Soviet 7.62cm Pak36 anti-tank cannons mounted to the vehicle. Later versions of the Marder would see this weapon upgraded to the German 7.5cm Pak40.

The Marder III M was put into production in May of 1943 and saw a production run of 942. Apart from the weapon, the main differences with the M compared to the older versions of the Marder III was the cabin was shifted to the rear of the vehicle. This was allowed due to the engine now being mounted in the middle of the vehicle.

The major downfall of the Marder was the open fighting compartment as it offered very little protection for the crew, but the configuration of the Marder meant the firepower it could deliver was a significant improvement to that of the German tanks of the time.

The Marder III became somewhat obsolete once the formidable Hetzer started to make an appearance on the battlefield.