Icebreaker /Panzer 38 (t) from Tirstar
Model by Martin Blumlein
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Russland-Nord, Panzer 38(t) und InfanterieWhen Germany invaded Czechoslovakia in March 1939, the most modern tank of Czechoslovakia was the LT38. However, the LT38 had been commissioned only at the end of 1938, so that only one was finished and another eight was about to be completed. In May, the Wehrmacht carried out tests on the tank immediately and came to the conclusion that he had proved to be very good and even equaled the Panzer III. The nine copies were taken over immediately and received their new name, Panzer 38 (t). At the end of May the manufacturer CKD in Prague, under German supervision and under the name of Bohemian-Moravian Machine Works (BMM), received the order to complete 150 vehicles ordered by the Czech Army.
Panzer 38 (t) proved itself very well in Poland, where he had no problem with the small Polish tanks. In France he had, like all German tanks, difficulties with the heavy Char B. But every tenth Panzer was a tank 38 (t) during the Western campaign, which underlines its importance. It was only with the appearance of the heavy tanks in Russia such as the T-34 and the KV-1 that his time had passed. He was no longer strong enough to resist these monsters. He was now used to support the infantry and that only because the Wehrmacht urgently needed every tank. In the middle of 1944 there were still 229 tanks 38 (t) in service, but only in the occupation groups.

The Panzer 38 (t) from Tirstar is only rarely available, but Hobbyboss 2016 produced an identical version of the Tristar kit. The kit contains 11 injection-molded inserts. Three of them are for the track, which has to be cut out into individual pieces. A small PE circuit board, a clear-cut prism for the angle mirrors and a decal arc complete the kit. The quality of the kit is excellent, so you can build a very nice vehicle even without additional parts. The construction instructions lead to the completed model in 10 steps. These are well illustrated and split into small assemblies. You can build two versions of the execution Once the command vehicle with the antenna and the serial version of the 38 (t). Four coloring proposals are included in the guide, three of them in dark gray and one in the four-color schema of Slovakia.

The Diorama:

I had the idea of depicting a tank broken in the ice, after I had discovered Aitor Azcues Diorama “Bandit at Five” in a magazine. I also poured and dyed my ice, like it, from Solid Water. On the pedestal I’ve just fitted the tank. After I had filled the base with Styrofoam, I covered it with plaster and painted it in blue tones. The hardened solid water I have broken and attached with transparent acrylic on the painted plaster. The spots, which remained without ice, I filled with dyed solid water. To give the ice a structure, I doused Water Effects with a kitchen sponge and then painted it with white. At the end of the tour, there was a glitter of snow over the ice surface. To revive the small scene, I added three figures. These are made up of parts from different manufacturers.