Mk.V – Estonian

Estonian MkV – Takom, 1/35

Model by Martin Blumlein

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A brief history

12285917_1139671906060799_1034987284_nThe Mark V was an evolution of English Mark IV armor. Actually the tanks should get a completely different shape than the Mark V, but for simplicity they had made only small changes to the chassis. In December 1917 more powerful engines and better gearbox were available and these are used for the Mark V. The new valve-controlled four-stroke engine was supplied by Ricardo and had an output of 150 hp. A total of approximately 8000 of these engines were used for British tanks. To maneuver the steel giant Furthermore, the controller has been improved and built a planetary gear, so was necessary only one crew member. To protect the machine gunners a shatterproof cab was mounted on the roof. A total of 400 vehicles were manufactured, 200 Male- and Female specimens. One was later Hermaphrodites upgraded by replacing the small fins by 6-pounder cannon. At the end of World War I, a number of British Mark V’s were given to the Belarusians that this helped in the hope in the fight against the Red Army. Through a training base in the Baltic state of Estonia, the British trained the Belarusians in the art of warfare and the use of tanks. When the civil war escalated, the British left behind the Mark V’s. Some years later, when Operation Barbarossa was launched in 1941 to life and the Soviets were desperate for resources, they found four Estonian Mark V’s in an abandoned warehouse in Tallinn. With these tanks they wanted to stop the German advance for some time.

Takom 2034 Mk.V WWI Heavy Battle Tank - IMG_5691The kit:

With the kit number 2034 Takom brought the tanks Mark V in the market. Time of the tanks is assigned to the First World War, although he also sporadically during World War II was used. The kit includes eleven injection moldings made of plastic, some PE parts, two polycaps, 190 chain links made of plastic, a brass chain and a decal sheet. The building instruction is designed very clear and leads in 44 steps to the finished model. Here you can choose from the variants of the Mark V Male, Mark V Female and Mark V Hermaphrodite. For the painting instructions in color is the color of ammo of mig. Here are nine different versions are available, ranging from 1918 to 1945. All parts are perfectly detailed and make a good impression. Clayton’s Mark V impressed me, so I wanted to have the same version. Here you can see now the result:

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