Operation Weserübung

Operation Weserübung / Neubaufahrzeug  in Norway, April 1940
Model by Martin Blumlein
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A brief history

neubaufahrzeugDiorama: Operation Weserübung
Neubaufahrzeug  in Norway, April 1940
The original:
The first indications that a new design class was planned by armored car, already a letter contained in Captain Streich on 13 July 1932. Two companies (Krupp and Rheinmetall) to set the construction of this new chariot. The first two prototypes of the new construction vehicle were made of sheet iron and were manufactured in 1934 and 1935 by Rheinmetall. 1936 New vehicles were manufactured 3-5 of hard metal. This had a chassis from Rheinmetall and a tower of Krupp with a total turn layer of 23,5t. , The main armament of the tower here was composed of two juxtaposed guns with a caliber of 3.7cm and 7.5cm. The Second Weapon consisted of three MG 13 or 34 smaller in the two towers and the main tower was installed. The new rolling stock was used in the shooting school in Putlos for the training of armored troops. The new rolling 3-5 were shipped in April 1940 to Norway to take part in the operation Weserübung. The tank bore the numbers 8, 9 and 10. Point 9 wore the supplemental characteristic Z, Number 10, the auxiliary identifier R and the nickname “Jumbo”. The whole train was nicknamed “elephant squadron”, hence the elephant on the nose plate.

Source: Walter J. Spielberger Panzer IV and its variants and wikipedia.org

neubaufahrzeug-box-artThe model:
The Neubaufahrzeug is the kit of Amusing Hobby. This is in my opinion the best kit of the new building vehicle on the market. The fit of the tub and the detailing is excellent implemented. The tool holder and many other small items are included in both the PE as well as plastic parts. The tower has no twisted tube and the plastic tube does not contain fields and trains. Therefore this little drops in the detailing. The single link track prepares the construction no problems and will end up fully articulated. Only the decals are very difficult to control. Here the modeler should have recourse to other manufacturers. The model I’ve built without accessories from the box and then painted with colors of Vallejo. Aging was carried out with products of AK and MIG, and oil paint.
The basic structure of the diorama I let me make Styrodur and it changed slightly. The Cobblestone is from mini type. Everything was also painted with colors of Vallejo and products of MIG and AK.
To revive the diorama I built characters of Dragon and master box, where I have all the heads replaced by heads of Hornet. When painting this I painted the skin with oil paint and the clothes and the accessories with acrylic paint.