Merkava MkIII

Merkava MkIII – IDF – Manufacturer:Revell w/ Black Dog Stowage set – Scale: 1/72
Build Date – 2016 – Model by Clayton Ockerby

About the process

merkava mk3

I remember seeing this kit sitting on a swap and sell table and picking it up for about $8 Australia Dollars. Cheap! I was looking for something to trail the IDF colours from the Ammo range, and this seemed like the perfect subject.
I remember being surprised at the level of detail in the kit and how easily the kit went together. The only downside was that the decals disintergrated the second they hit the water… so I had to do the best I could with some homemade masks.
To compliment the model, the stowage set and figures from Black Dog were added. The fit wasn’t great, and the moulding wasn’t the best either, but given the scale it was passable.
The colours in the tank were achieved using AMMO – IDF SAND GREY, and darker and lighter tones were then built up using the airbrush.
Washes using thinned oil paints were then used to bring out some of the finer detail in the model.
If  you are looking for a 1/72 scale Mervaka, keep an eye out for this kit. Very good value for money – a real surprise.