MIG-21F – Modelsvit  /  Scale: 1/72

Model by Clayton Ockerby


A brief history

The MiG-21F was a light single seat aircraft, designed in the late 50’s as a further development of the MiG-21. The aircraft passed flight tests in 1959 and was then put into service. That same year, manufacturing began at ‘Aviation Plant 21’ in Gorky.

The MiG-21F was powered by an R11F-300 turbojet engine and carried 2160 litres of fuel housed in six internal fuel tanks and 490 litres in one droppable external tank under the fuselage. Due to its’ take-off and landing capabilities, the MiG-21F was able to be operated from second class airfields and from unpaved aerodromes. The aircraft was armed with two underbelly mounted 30mm NR-30 cannons. The fighter was also capable of carrying bombs and missiles on wing pylons.

The first ten fighters were built in 1959, with another 79 being produced in 1960.


(Notes adapted from the supplied instruction sheet)

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