Mk.V – Manufacturer: Takom Kit#2034 – Scale: 1/35

Estonian Scheme, Captured and used by the Red Army – 1941

Model by Clayton Ockerby

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A brief history...

Tallinn Mk.VAt the end of the First World War, a number of British MkVs’ were given to the White Russians, in the hope this may help in the fight against the Red Army. Through a training base in the Baltic state of Estonia, the British trained the Whites in the art of warfare and the use of the tanks.

As the Civil War escalated, the British withdrew leaving the MkVs’ behind.

Some years later, when Operation Barbarossa was launched in 1941, the Soviets, desperate for resources, managed to find 4 Estonian MkVs’ in an abandoned warehouse in Tallinn, Estonia. They rushed to deploy them in an attempt to slow the German advance and allow their forces to retreat.
From the information I can piece together, of the 4 MkV’s deployed, 2 were mobile and 2 were used in fixed positions.

Details and information around these tanks, as well as the details of where the checkerboard scheme came from are sketchy at best. It has been suggested that the MKV’s around Tallinn were all hermaphrodites, however other sources would suggest otherwise. It has also been suggested that the 6pound guns were replaced with soviet weapons as they didn’t have the ammunition to use the 6 pdr, but as I said, details are vague at best.

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