MkIV Female

Mark IV ‘Female’ – Beutepanzer – Manufacturer: Takom Kit#2009 – Scale: 1/35

Markings: Ännchen, Wagen 107, commanded by Lt Burkhart – Build Date – 2015

Model by Clayton Ockerby

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A brief history...

annchen tumblr_mrdbwnUUm71rcoy9ro1_1280

When the British first introduced tank warfare to the battlefields of WW1 they felt it would be an instant game changer. However swampy and muddy ground meant they could be easily immobilized and destroyed by German artillery. Due to that fact, 40 Mark IV’s were captured, repainted and used against their former owners.

Ännchen, Wagen 107 was commanded by Lt Burkhart. The tank was lost to its’ new owners in the area of Fort de la Pompelle when it became overwhelmed by French troops. Three of the tanks’ machine guns were removed prior to the crew fleeing the crippled tank in order to assist in the retreat.

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