Mobelwagen – Manufacturer: Tamiya – Scale: 1/48
Build Date – 2016 – Model by Clayton Ockerby

A brief history...

As in many cases, timing was of the essence, and a stopgap solution was rushed into production whilst bigger and better systems could be designed and produced. In this case, a short term solution was found by mounting a 3.7cm Flak 43 L/89 to the recovered chassis of Panzer IV.

The vehicles were fitting with a 20mm, hinge fixed armoured plate structure the could be raised and lowered in 3 different positions depending on the type of action it was required. This however offered the crew little protection under fire and became a real weakness of the machine.

There were 240 examples of the Mobelwagen produced. This Mobelwagen would later be replaced with the Wirbelwind and the Ostwind. Interestingly, the Mobelwagen was referred to by it’s crew as the ‘Moving Van’ due to its’ odd sillouhette.