Rob Schaepe – 88mm FLAK

Kit: 88mm FLAK – Manufacturer: Dragon 1/35
Model by Rob Schaepe

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A brief history

Flak 88The Dragon kit of the 88mm flak will be the benchmark for years to come. Quite simply the best rendition of this famous gun out there. In building this I decided it needed to be on the Russian steppes in winter. A certain Wochenschau news real clip of one near Kharkov inspired me. Had a lot of fun with this one as it presented a whole new build challange for me. Since I had never done a artillery piece before. The limbers were by far the most complex part of the kit. The weathering was done with a combination hairspray technique and sponge technique. The hairspray portion was done using tamiya panzer grey as the base color. And tamiya xf white. A very light filter was added to give it some depth. But I reserved the deeper washes for then cruciform and the limbers


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