Rob Schaepe – CHAR B

Kit: CHAR B – Manufacturer: Tamiya

Model by Rob Schaepe

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A brief history

CharB1This is typical tamiya. The kit just falls together in every sense of the word. I really enjoyed the the build and the finishing on this kit. Tamiya offered some really unique paint schemes in their instructions. I chose this one for it’s simplicity and didn’t have the courage for the more elaborate ones offered. Having said that it was still a challange to get this one right. I relied once again on my silly putty for the masking process and went with the base color of overall green first. Both colours were tones down with Tamiya buff. And some color modulation was done to the base green for added effects. The washes and filters were a combination of raw umber and burnt sienna. I also used the oil dot technique here using green,white,blue,yellow orche blended in with Ak odourless thinner. I do like to experiment with different mediums as I feel no two offer a complete finish


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