Rob Schaepe – Mk IV Female

A brief history

beutepanzerwagen4_003Primed whole tank with Mr.Surfacer 1200 and thinned with Mr.Color leveling thinner.( which by the way leaves a beautiful smooth finish)

– 2 coats of German grey in Vallejo air Ral 7015

– Vallejo air white grey 9002 added to highlight panels

– Vallejo air Ral 7008 dark yellow lightened with Vallejo 9002

– Vallejo Nato Brown 8027

– Model sealed with tamiya semi-gloss varnish for decals

-Decals sealed with same varnish then washes and weathering added

– Ak interactive streaming grime added.

– Pin wash of burnt umber and lamp black added for all panel lines and bolt detail

– Mig pigments added for rust affect on exaust.

-Tracks primed with surfacer 1200 again.

– Generious coat of Vallejo air black

– the overcoated with Vallejo black brown 71.042

– A thin wash of raw umber over all links.

– pigments and graphite added.

– Unditching beam metal part is sprayed with Alcalad II Magnesium.

(be sure to prime the area first with alcald II gloss black primer)


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