Rob Schaepe – Panther F

Kit: Dragon Panther F with the Schmalturum
Manufacturer: Dragon – Model by Rob Schaepe

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A brief history

SchmalturumHere is my Dragon Panther F with the Schmalturum. The kit one of Dragons unique offerings. Both the F hills and the Schmalturums were produced before the war ended but no physical proof(pics) of the two mates together I decided I wanted this kit with some serious aftermarket help from Voyager. The result was the kit sitting half complete in my storage closet for 4 years. Finally dragging it out to the work bench I decided to deck this cat out. The premium voyager set gives you more than enough to create a special kit. Using “silly putty” for the hard edge camp. The vehicle (like all my models) received a generous coat of tamiya primer in the bottle mixed with Mr color levelling thinner. Vallejo paints were used throughout the painting process. The octopus look circles were color matched and all hand painted on the tank as they would have been in 1945. This paint job exsisted on a late war Tiger II. So I tried very hard to make this Panther as realistic as possibe in terms of it being a late war vehicle. Gotta love the Schmalturum!