Rob Schaepe – Panther G

Kit: Dragon Panther G – Manufacturer: Dragon

Model by Rob Schaepe

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A brief history

Panther GThe late Panther G is once again from Dragon. The kit is right out of the box and went together with no problems at all. The only aftermarket were the spare tracks which are fruiel tracks. They tend to mount on the track holders better than the kit supplied ones. I have been real focusing on my painting and weathering techniques as of late. And this kit was no exception. I used the AK interactive custom 5 color late war camp offering to paint this Panther the splinter Camo which was of the suggestions on the back side of the packaging. Tamiya tape was used to mask off the vehicle. After the primer was applied the whole vehicle was pre shaded. The base coat was the olive green and then I masked for the German yellow of which I added some white to bleach it out a little. As late war armour seemed to have this color. It was also done with the knowledge that washes and filters would darken the finish up. The weathering on the tank was more from Mother Nature than from the crew or battle,but I did add some wear and tear. Over all, a fun kit. And one I really enjoyed detailing and painting