Submitting Work

Firstly, thank you for your interest in sharing your work on this page.  It is my long term vision, to create a space where people can come to simply enjoy the art of scale modelling. An online, scale art gallery.

So, would you like to showcase your work, or share a walk around on Workbench Hobbies?

About You.

We want to showcase, not only the models on this page, but also the artists behind the models. When you are chosen to feature work on the site, we will ask that you supply:-

  • A short Bio about yourself. What you like about modelling, what you model, what got you into modelling etc etc.
  • A recent picture of yourself to include with your biography.

Once your profile page is set up, we will use that page to link through to any model builds you would like to feature.

MODEL SHOWCASE – So What Is Required ?

Keep in mind, your photography, lighting and modelling needs to be of a reasonable standard, the whole basis of the site is to share high quality pieces, and present them in a professional way.

  • We require 6 to 10 high quality pictures.
  • Details of the model – Subject, version, Manufacturer, scale, markings
  • Any other details of after market add ons
  • You will need to write a brief history on the subject you have built – a few sentences is all that is required, however if you wanted to share more that is OK.
  • An actual photograph of the subject or similar – see copyright issues below. If you can’t supply then that is OK
Vehicle Walk Arounds

Vehicle walk arounds are welcomed and will be featured on this site.

  • We require at very lease 10 high quality pictures, but would welcome up to 25.
  • You will need to write a brief history on the subject, as well as include the details of the subject you have photographed
  • An actual photograph of the subject in action or similar – see copyright issues below. If you can’t supply then that is OK


Workbench Hobbies does not “own” your article or pictures when you send them to us. You are simply giving Workbench Hobbies permission to publish your words and pictures on our site, or related websites and media. You are free to use your images elsewhere as you see fit.

You will be credited with the model and all imagery remains your property. This offer is simply a way to help showcase the art of scale modelling and let others enjoy your work.

Who can get involved ?

Whilst we would love to showcase every persons’ work that may not always be possible.  If you would like to be part of Workbench Hobbies, email us a couple of pictures of your work and we will get back to you promptly.



Please do not supply scanned pictures from books or magazines, or images from the Internet that are under Copyright.

Also, your own pictures and/or text must not be subject to Copyright by any other parties (if you have been paid for your words and text by another publisher or website). Copyright protection for material published in books, magazines and the Internet is still in place for the purposes of an article on Workbench Hobbies.

Want a free T-SHIRT ?

If you submit 10 or more pieces of work and are selected to be published on the site, we will post you a free Workbench Hobbies t-shirt as a thank you.

Other bits and pieces…

There are no payments or kickbacks, this is just a place to share your work. Too often peoples’ beautiful work gets lost in the noise of  online forums and Facebook. Workbench Hobbies is a place where your work can remain active and visible for years to come.

Join with me, in sharing the art of scale modelling.

Please send your submissions to