Wildcat F4F-4

F4F-4 Wilcat – Airfix  /  Scale: 1/72

Model by Clayton Ockerby


A brief history

DSC_7971Once hailed as ‘one of the finest shipboard aeroplanes ever created’, the Grumman F4F Wildcat is one of those planes that is instantly recognisable. There is something really interesting about the short, stout lines that give the plane a rugged and tough look. A brawler or sorts.

The first Wildcats saw service with the United States Navy in 1940, however the subject of this build, the F4F-4 didn’t enter service until 1941.

The F4F-4 variant would see the aircraft now armed with six machine guns as well as the ‘Sto-Wing’ folding wing system. The fact that the wings could be folded up meant that storing aircraft on the limited space of an aircraft carrier deck could now be done more effectively.

The Wildcat had a top speed of 512km/h, which was considerably below some of its adversaries of the time. It’s toughness paired with pilot skill and tactics saw the aircraft rack up a superior kill-to-loss ratio.

A number of alterations saw the Wildcat operate with the British Royal Navy as the Martlet.

When the opportunity to build this lovely little Airfix kit arose, I jumped at the opportunity. My local modelling club selected the kit to be the subject of a group build. Perfect! I had always wanted to add a Wildcat to me collection, and now was the perfect time.  The kit is cheap and more than reasonable, plus the ability to fold the wings back was what attracted me the most, so I set about my build. That plus the fact I had always wanted to paint something thing in Intermediate Blue. Weird I know.

Build this model for yourself.